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Bailey Nelson

Mar 23, 2021

VCSU student Bailey NelsonHometown
Argusville, N.D. 

Art and digital design major, marketing minor 

Volleyball, Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), Art Club 

What led you to study art and digital design? 
I was in yearbook in high school where I found a love for visual communication like making layouts and working with fonts. Whether it be by hand, or by computer, I wanted my future career to involve creating visual concepts that could inform and inspire others.   

Have you always been interested in pursuing art/digital design?
It wasn’t until my senior year of high school where I knew for sure I wanted to go into graphic design. I have always had an artistic interest, but didn’t consider it as a career until I was looking for a college major.  

Why did you choose VCSU?
I chose VCSU because it was where I wanted to play volleyball and I liked the hometown feel the campus had. VCSU didn’t have a graphic design major when I came which worried me at first, but the professors helped assure me I could get a good education for my future. My freshman year VCSU added the digital design major that I wanted to pursue, and it was officially approved my sophomore year, so everything worked out perfectly in the end.  

Favorite class?
I like any class that allows me to go through the design process. My favorite part of art is getting to design my ideas and be creative to form an idea. I enjoy planning my ideas and using my style to create something beautiful! 

Any advice for students starting at VCSU? 
Find your people that match with your personality and, when in doubt, go to the student center and get an iced coffee.  

Any advice for students interested in pursuing the art program?
My advice for students interested in pursuing the art program would be to keep an open mind when it comes to experimenting with your style within your work. The professors in this program will give you the support you need to continue in your career, so you can trust them and follow their lead.   

How has your college experience, specifically within your major, changed over the past year with Covid-19? 
I think the art program has done a really good job at keeping the studios a good space to work despite COVID-19. Our spaces are sociallydistanced and masks are required, but the environment has allowed my experience to still be a positive one. During our time away from campus, we needed to be creative with a space to work and with the materials we had access to at home. It was a creative challenge to see what art I could make with what I had while learning from home.   

What are you most excited for in the new Center for the Arts?
I’m most excited about having new studio spaces for our classes. Especially with the new digital design major, we will get to have studios that are more dedicated to those classes which is something we don’t currently have.