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Bill Egan

Feb 11, 2022

Column of four photos with Bill Egan. 1, Bill singing, 2, Bill sitting on outdoor stairs, 3, Bill in a Snowman costume at a Christmas concert, 4, Bill playing the baritone

Meet VCSU student Bill Egan. Originally from Enderlin, North Dakota, Bill is active in VCSU Music, singing in choir and playing in band, while also earning an Elementary Ed degree.

What year are you at VCSU, and when will you graduate?

I’m a senior, and I’ll graduate in Fall 2022.

What attracted you to VCSU?   

I think the supportive community that VCSU offered here was very welcoming. It felt like a second home for me as soon as I stepped onto campus. I also was excited for the opportunity to be a part of one of the best education and music programs.

Why did you choose Elementary Education as your major?   

When I decided I wanted to go into education, I knew that VCSU was a top institution for teacher education. I had many teachers in Enderlin who were from VCSU. They knew how to create great classroom environments, and help their students succeed. I also really enjoyed working with the music faculty, and I felt like I could really grow and thrive as a musician here.

What do you enjoy most about your major?  

As an elementary education major, I enjoy being able to go into the classroom to observe, sub, teach, and lead activities. The experiences that I have had thus far have been so helpful and instrumental in making me more prepared to make decisions and act in my own classroom.

As a music major, I enjoy the wide variety of ensembles and classes that we offer, whether for a vocalist, instrumentalist, or audio production major. I have gotten to be a part of a wide variety of ensembles throughout my time at VCSU, and I feel it has helped me become a more well-rounded musician. Both majors also have such supportive faculty, staff, and students that are willing to help you in times of need, or if you need to ask any questions or bounce ideas of them.

What was your favorite instrument to learn how to play?

My favorite instrument to learn to play was probably the piano. I started in first grade and continued until my freshman year of college. I still enjoy playing the piano, and I hope to continue in my future career.

How is VCSU helping you reach your goals?   

VCSU is allowing me to gain more experience in an elementary classroom before stepping foot into my own future classroom. It has allowed me to grow as a musician, and the extracurriculars and organizations I’m in have helped me to grow as a leader. Being involved in residence life has allowed me to grow as a communicator and collaborator.

What are your career goals, or where do you see yourself in the future? What are your plans after VCSU?

I see myself as a lower elementary teacher, hopefully also coaching speech, One-Act, and a sport of some kind. I would also like to be active musically in my community, conducting or accompanying, and participating in choirs or bands. I would also at some point like to obtain my master’s degree in elementary education or administration.

Which activities or groups are you involved in on campus?  

Residence Life, Cru, concert choir, wind ensemble, concert band, university singers, opera ensemble, Viking Ambassadors, VCSU Student Advisory Council, NAFME

What do you enjoy most about VCSU?   

There are so many things I like about VCSU, but I really enjoy the community that VCSU offers, and how it feels like a second home. I also enjoy the extracurriculars that VCSU has to offer that help bring you out of your comfort zone and allow you to take on leadership roles and be an active voice on campus.

What are some of your hobbies?  

I like to watch movies and sports, cook, build and collect Legos, listen to music, and draw.

Any advice for students thinking about attending VCSU?

VCSU is a such an impactful place that will help you grow as an academic and a person. There are many support systems here that will help you to succeed in whatever path you are trying to undertake, and it is alright if you don’t have a plan or specific path to follow. Coming to VCSU, you will get a personalized education from your instructors who will know you by name and will take time to check on you to make sure you are well. You might even meet some of your best friends at VCSU!