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Chloe Anderson

Feb 21, 2023

Meet Chloe Anderson, a transfer student majoring in Human Services who discovered a passion for helping and supporting others.

Chloe and other Student Senators grab some coffee while at an NDSA meeting..
Chloe and other Student Senators attend monthly North Dakota Student Association meeting.

Name: Chloe Anderson

Hometown: Sheldon, N.D.

Major: Human Services

Graduation Date: May 2025

What are your career goals or where do you see yourself after graduation?
My career goals are to be able to benefit the lives of individuals who have a disability. After graduation I see myself making individuals’ lives better by providing them with services that will help them thrive in life.

What attracted you to VCSU?
I actually chose to go to VCSU after attending another university. I came to VCSU because I wanted to go into education, and I knew that VCSU had a great elementary education program. So, I chose to transfer to Valley City. I also knew a lot of people who went here and that made the transition much easier.

Why did you choose your specific major?
I chose Human Services after realizing that not only did I want to help disabled individuals, I wanted to help them in a bigger way than just their education. I wanted to help them in their everyday lives.

Have you had any internship or student work opportunities at VCSU?
I work in the Viking Learning Commons and I am a Viking Ambassador. Working in the Learning Commons has helped me get to know the students and faculty members more. It helps me see how I can help on campus while still being a student.

Any advice for students thinking about attending VCSU?
My advice for students who are thinking about attending VCSU is don’t be afraid to change majors. Explore your options and find what you really want to do. VCSU is the perfect place to do that because there are professors and advisors who are willing to sit down with you and really get to know you. This makes VCSU a very comfortable place to be.