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Alyssa Ames

Feb 2, 2023

Headshot of Alyssa Ames

Spiritwood, ND

Social Science Education

Graduation Year/Semester
Spring of 2024 

What attracted you to VCSU?
I was interested in VCSU because of its small class sizes and the many opportunities to become involved on campus. Being able to connect with my peers and professors was important to me. I was interested in education, which VCSU is well-known for. Lastly, both of my parents attended VCSU and the campus isn’t too far from home.

Why did you choose Social Science Education?
Coming into VCSU I was undecided but knew I had an interest in education. During my freshman year, I declared my major as History Education and later found out about the Social Science Education major, which I switched to my sophomore year. With a History Education major, I would specialize in history and one other subject. The Social Science Education major provides a broader study of the social sciences and allows me as to teach more subjects and topics within Social Studies. My classes include history, political science, geography, economics, and sociology under the composite major. The Social Science Education major allows the opportunity to explore all areas which greatly appealed to me.

Have you had any student work opportunities at VCSU?
I tutor on campus in the Viking Learning Commons. I cover all of the general education courses I have taken, as well as a majority of the Social Science and Education classes.

Which activities or groups are you involved in on campus?
I am currently the secretary of VCAB, vice president of Social Justice Council, and the Diversity and Inclusion Representative for Student Senate. I am also involved in Native American Club, English Club, History Club, Kappa Delta Pi, and serve on the School of Education Student Advisory Committee as the History/Social Science Representative.

Any advice for students thinking about attending VCSU?
For prospective students, I would recommend meeting with a professor of the department or major they are interested in when they tour campus. It is important to find out what different classes, clubs, and opportunities are available for your major or interest.

For new students, I highly encourage getting involved. Having an on-campus job or joining a club or organization can create opportunities for more involvement with the VCSU community. You meet so many people in all areas of campus and get to know the ins-and-outs of everything going on. Even if you weren’t super involved in high school, try out a club and see where it takes you, as being involved provides a lot of insights you might not have been aware of before.