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Grace Gonzalez

Feb 25, 2020

VCSU graduate Grace GonzalezMeet Grace Gonzalez.

This Florida native recently graduated from VCSU with a bachelor’s degree in history education. Now she is headed to California with her husband to pursue their shared passion — teaching.

What made you choose VCSU?
Both the athletics program and the teaching program drew me in. The “home away from home” feeling was a bonus. Students and faculty gave me a warm welcome and made me feel comfortable in a new environment.

What led you to study history education?
My interest in history education is partially influenced by one of my biggest cheerleaders, my stepdad. He is also a history teacher and really sparked my interest in becoming an educator.

What did you enjoy most about student teaching?
You can sit in a college course and learn everything there is to know about teaching, but nothing can truly prepare you better than first-hand experience in the classroom. I’ve enjoyed building relationships with my students and have become comfortable at the front of the classroom.

Who is someone that has influenced you at VCSU?
I have had classes with Dr. King every semester. His classes have always been interesting and equally challenging. He pushes those who want to learn to go a little further. He has been a prime example of how I want to model part of myself as a teacher.

Do you have any advice for those who are just starting their college journey at VCSU?
1. Get to know your professors
2. Learn that coffee will be your best friend
3. Take advantage of Allen Memorial Library for study sessions
4. Get connected whether that be through sports, clubs, or student events. I promise you’ll make lifelong friends!