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Macy Schlaht

May 6, 2022

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A Valley City native, Macy Schlaht ‘22 invested herself into classes, on-campus opportunities and an internship, all of which landed her a job as a Marketing Coordinator before she even graduated!

What attracted you to VCSU?   

Valley City State University was the perfect choice for me right out of high school because I came undecided. Being able to explore the many different career paths VCSU has to offer and having such an affordable price was a huge factor in me coming to VCSU. Not only that, but when I explored the marketing major, I was instantly drawn to the classes, teaching styles of the professors, and the opportunities that came with the marketing major.

Why did you choose your specific major?   

Being undecided was a terrifying thing coming into college. After exploring the business field and taking a few marketing classes, I felt comforted by the fact that I really enjoyed a lot of aspects of marketing. Not only is marketing a great career path to go down, but I get to be creative every day and work with a lot of amazing people. When the digital design program was added, I knew that adding a minor would boost my resume. These two programs were perfect for what I was looking for!

What did enjoy most about your major?  

My favorite part about business and marketing is the ability to be creative. I don’t like being confined by a box or by rules, so being able to watch my ideas come to life is extremely rewarding! Between social media management, market research, and content creation, I’m able to express myself through marketing.

Which area of marketing is your favorite?

Content creation and social media management are my favorite parts of marketing. Creativity is a huge part of why I chose marketing, and being able to showcase a company, brand or organization through content creation and by analyzing insights to create a successful online campaign is highly rewarding.

How has VCSU helped you reach your goals? How have your classes helped you in your new job?

Valley City State University has been the most powerful tool and resource for me as a marketer. Since starting my full-time job as a Marketing Coordinator for the Valley City Parks and Recreation, Valley City Convention and Visitors Bureau, Gaukler Family Wellness Center, and Sheyenne River National Scenic Byway, I have used so many of my marketing classes, including social media management, market research, and digital marketing. I was also a marketing intern for the VCSU Department of Business for over a year, which was such an incredible experience. Working alongside the business professors gave me so much insight into a real-world business environment! My classes and internship are some of the biggest reasons I landed a full-time job just one month into my senior year of college.

Tell us more about your position for VCPR, how you landed it, and what’s it been like so far.

The Marketing Coordinator position opened the summer before my senior year of college. At the time, I was working as a lifeguard with Valley City Parks and Recreation, and Tammy Katuin, my internship advisor and academic advisor, sent me a link to the application. Last second, I decided that, even though I was just entering my senior year and they might not be looking for a college student to be full-time, I sent in my application and resume. They called back the next day for an interview, and the day after that I interviewed in front of a panel of Parks and Recreation employees and board members, in addition to the current Marketing Coordinator for the Valley City Convention and Visitors Bureau. The morning after my interview, the Director of Parks and Recreation called me and offered me the job part-time until graduation where I would then be full-time immediately after!

The Marketing Coordinator position was a new position created in collaboration with Valley City Parks and Recreation and Valley City Convention and Visitors Bureau. I manage the Valley City Parks and Recreation, Valley City Convention and Visitors Bureau, Gaukler Family Wellness Center and Sheyenne River National Scenic Byway social media and websites and create content for them. I get to work a lot with North Dakota Tourism, and other city convention and visitor bureaus around the state, and I attend frequent conferences to network and share marketing and travel industry ideas. I also work closely with the Valley City and Barnes County Development Corporation, the Valley City Chamber, and the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation. Some of my daily tasks include content creation, social media management, website design, marketing material production, social media and website analysis and market research.

What do you enjoy most about VCSU?   

Valley City State University was an incredible place to go to school because the resources they have for students help them excel and achieve their goals. The student-professor ratio allows you work in groups and create valuable bonds with your classmates, as well as get one-on-one time with professors for help, advice and detailed questions. They also have innovative learning techniques that focus on giving the student experience with simulations and meetings to enhance their student learning experience.

Any advice for students thinking about attending VCSU?

VCSU has everything you need to be successful in your program. Choosing VCSU allowed me to land a full-time job before even starting my senior year of college because of the classes, knowledge and internships I was able to gain during my first three years there. The professors are incredible, and the classes are innovative and get you the most out of your education. Valley City State University has given me so many opportunities and skills to be successful—and I’m able to graduate debt-free!

Any last words before you cross that stage on graduation day?

The people I’ve met have had an incredible impact on my life, and being able to go to campus events, manage the women’s basketball team, and travel to Italy with the choir will forever be favorite memories of mine! Being a marketing intern for the business department and a graphic design intern for Affordable Promo gave me the opportunity to have experience in my field as a sophomore, junior and senior. Having those connections and learning experiences from working with the professors and applying it to real-world situations are skills I’ll be able to apply to my future career. I want to say thank you to all my professors! Without them and their knowledge in the fields they teach, I would not have been prepared to start a full-time job only a month into my senior year. A special thanks to my advisor and internship advisor, Tammy Katuin, for being one of my biggest supporters for the past four years!